We sat down with Dennis DeSantis, Patricia Weil, Ralf Kollmann and David Swartz in Berlin to discuss creative and career strategies for musicians. In this panel: how to avoid roadblocks, stand out and find professional help. 

Creative Strategies for Artists with Dennis DeSantis:
Dennis DeSantis is an internationally renowned composer, sound designer and Head of Documentation at Ableton. He is also the author of “Making Music: 74 Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers”, a book designed to help musicians break through common obstacles in the creative process. His electronic music has appeared on labels such as Ghostly, Global Underground, Cocoon and Kanzleramt. He also received a Grammy certificate in 2008 for his work on the album Strange Imaginary Animals, by classical ensemble eighth blackbird.  In this panel, DeSantis and host Ronny Krieger discuss different ways to be creative and progress as an artist or producer.

Building your Team: Ronny Krieger + guests
Patricia Weil is a booking agent and the founder of Wilde Agency in Berlin, Ralf Kollmann is an A&R manager and the co-founder of mobilee records and David Swartz is a Senior Artist Manager at !K7. In this panel, Krieger and guests address the business side of things: signing with a record label vs. releasing your music independently, choosing the right artist manager and accelerating your career.

About the host: 
Ronny Krieger is a corporate-banker-turned-musician and freelance consultant for Native Instruments, with over 25 years of experience as an artist, DJ, producer, PR agent, label- and artist manager. Currently CEO at MOD Devices in Berlin.

This fifth edition of Talk:Music was hosted by our friends at The Venue Berlin, a renowned hub for artists and entrepreneurs in music and audio.



Dennis DeSantis
Photo credit: Ralf Kleinermanns


Patricia Weil


Ralf Kollman


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